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Michigan Supreme Court deals shaken baby syndrome yet another blow

There is good news out of the Michigan Supreme Court, as it ruled last month that it was error to deny a defendant expert assistance for her post-conviction motion arguing ineffective assistance of and for a Ginther hearing. People v Ulp, SCt Case No. 15980 (9/25/19),  This was a medically complex SBS/AHT case, with a 14 month oldContinue reading “Michigan Supreme Court deals shaken baby syndrome yet another blow”

Shaken Baby Syndrome Back In The News

It’s back in the news – again. That’s right, just when you thought it was safe to go outside, the “debate” regarding shaken baby syndrome, and its use in criminal courtrooms throughout the country, is back. On February 2, 2011, Emily Bazelon, a senior editor at Slate and the Truman Capote law-and-media fellow at YaleContinue reading “Shaken Baby Syndrome Back In The News”